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The experience, through our professional development, has taken us to optimal, reliable and economic designs; proposing the most suitable solutions, after studying diverse alternatives of structuring.

 The experience of our staff, has been acquired through continuous professional practice analyzing, designing and drawing projects of diferent types of structures. In multiple occasions, the project supervision has allowed us to understand the constructive process, from the foundations up to the superstructure.

    During our profesional experties, we have developed different types of projects, such as:

Residential buildings

Structures destined to house using material as concrete and rubblework.

Office builings

Buildings that its main aim is for use of offices, with characteristics of very specific space and functionality where the used materials are concrete and steel.

Theaters & movie houses

Structures with a great clear to lodge people.


Complex structures in it's specifications and the controls of quality.

Schools & university buildings

Along with hospitals and buildings that lodge contents of great importance, the schools are structures that must be designed with stricter specifications.

Industrial vessels

Structures of great areas, with great clear and light covers.

Large self-service & department stores

Structures where the inferior levels are used normally for parking and where the loads in the zone of warehouse usually are great.

Deep foundations

Layings of foundations of all types have been designed as batteries, drawers with friction piles, piles of end, etc.

Structural elements for stabilization of embankments & excavations

Anchors, Milan walls, Berlin walls, table stakes, etc. to guarantee the stability of slopes are used.


Elements to contain potable water or residual waters for reusability.

Storm Sewers

Tanks that regulate the excess of pluvial water so that once finished the meteor, the water extraction to the municipal systemare can begin.

Retaining walls

Elements that resist earth pushes.

Stabilizing, relaying of foundation & reconstruction of buildings

It consists of adapting structures that have been affected by horizontal forces to the new regulations, guaranteeing their use.

+ Etc.

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